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How To Diagnose Cerebral Palsy

Updated: Mar 18

The age when a child is able to get an accurate cerebral palsy diagnosis largely depends on several variables, such as: severity. Even when children exhibit more moderate symptoms, like the inability to coordinate movement, doctors are still able to make diagnoses earlier on in life. For this reason, it's important to be checked for symptoms at an early age.

Another variable is the level of development of the child's motor and sensory systems. Doctors often wait until later in life to make a cerebral palsy diagnosis, especially if they think they are more likely to have a developmental western university of health sciences pa program disorder or learning disability later on. This is because doctors don't want to overlook any potential development problems in favor of a classic case of cerebral palsy. Doctors will frequently treat these children with therapy and medication, and in some cases, even surgery. However, in other cases, they may choose to wait to make a more definitive diagnosis.cerebral palsy diagnosis

Another factor that goes into a cerebral palsy diagnosis is muscle tone. In some cases, children show excessive muscle tone, in others they show excessive weakness. Some of the reasons for this unevenness include the fact that they have a particular limb or face affected, or they may simply be born with it. Children with cerebral palsy may also be born with unnaturally low muscle tone, which can be fixed through physical therapy or surgery. If your child may have low muscle tone, they should see a doctor to get a definite diagnosis.cerebral palsy in children

Doctors will also use a checklist of tests during cerebral palsy diagnosis to make sure that a person is not suffering from another condition. One test that can be used is the Functional Assessment Battery for Children (FACS). The acronym AC means activated muscles, whereas G is for generalized immobility (meaning that they cannot flex their joints). If these symptoms are present in someone but not in another person, a corresponding clinical assessment is not complete.

After a cerebral palsy diagnosis, doctors will try to exclude the most likely causes of the disorder. If muscular deficiency or nerve injury is involved, doctors will conduct physical therapy and perform nerve tests. Doctors may also use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to detect brain damage. MRI can help doctors locate the affected areas of the brain in order to assess for severe swelling, tumor, or brain lesions. If there is a brain tumor, doctors will perform surgery.quadriplegic cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy can be a debilitating disorder for children, however they can be treated if proper care is taken. Children can improve their motor function, get better, and ultimately live happy and healthy lives. During the process of diagnosing cerebral palsy, patients and their parents need to cooperate with the treating icd 10 code for irritable bowel syndrome physicians and neurologists. They need to be fully aware of their medical history, as doctors rely on this information to determine the best treatment plan.

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