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how to turn off fitbit?

Set when that your week starts. When tallying your weekly actions, Fitbit follows the calendar, with Sunday as the first day of this week. But if you would like your Fitbit week to begin on Monday, that is an option. From the Fitbit app dash, tap the Account icon then scroll down and tap Advanced Settings. From there, choose Start Week On, and select Monday. Scroll through analytics quicker. Want to return and look in the stats from a prior day? Rather than tapping the gray arrow to the left of your primary goal over and over, hold your finger down on it to accelerate the scrolling rate. Go micro. how to turn off fitbit? Graphs that show how different metrics--such as sleep, steps, and heart rate--alter over time are great for spotting trends, but sometimes rather than zooming out, you want to zoom in. To do so select a stat in the dashboard and then select a specific day. Tap the graph on top of your screen to expand it. By holding your finger down on the chart it is possible to see the particular time of day associated with every data point. This can be incredibly helpful in identifying precisely when your heartbeat spiked or when and for how long you were awake each night. Pick the metric you need to see more info on from the Dashboard, such as steps. This may bring up a summary in a list format of your complete history daily of that specific fitbit versa vs ionic vs charge 3 metric. The chart in the top presets a weekly summary however a further tap any of the days listed will provide you an hourly summary for this afternoon in a graph. You could even hold down on a particular hour to observe the info in number format for 15-minute periods. Get audio exercise cues. For a few extra exercise motivation, turn on voice cues. Next, select which updates you need --options are: distance, time, average pace, split pace, and calories burned--and how frequently you want to receive thembased on either time or distance. For instance, if you would like your Fitbit program to let you know what your normal pace is every mile, then you would make sure Typical Pace is assessed under Cues and that 1.0 mi is chosen below Frequency. Catch your sail . Should you own a Fitbit tracker with SmartTrack and walk into the bus stop every morning, then ride your bicycle to work, or just are active in short bursts during the afternoon, you can adjust your settings of fitbit versa vs charge 3 vs ionic so that you get credit for each exercise. Go into your exercise settings (tap the workout tile on your dashboard and then the gear icon in the top right), find the exercise(s) of your choice and reduce the default period setting so your tracker will log the activity as an exercise anytime you do it for at least 10 minutes.

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